Training You & Your Mount

With over 20 years combined experience, our primary instructors can effectively and expeditiously train you and your mount or unit.  We do not force anyone to complete any course, as confidence is a building block to which the foundation of your relationship with your horse is built. 


Top quality instruction is assured from our team of instructors - comprised of certified mounted instructors, Department (MCOLES) instructors, and equine specialists.  They are well-seasoned instructors and/or speakers bringing a vast knowledge to training and preparing your local mounted law enforcement units.  The instructors are selected based on the curriculum offered at each event, specifically tailored to suit each individual's or unit's needs. 


It's important to keep in mind that the courses offered will not fix all your problems.  Though your mount may prevail, it is your dedication and perseverance that will conquer.  There is no quick fix.  By you setting your bar of standards at a higher position, requires time.  Don't get discouraged when it doesn't appear to be happening overnight. 


We're confident that upon completion of our courses that you will feel as though you have climbed a rung on your personal ladder of success! 



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RICHARD HOWARD - Certified Instructor / Member

Retired Captain - Jackson County Sheriff Department, Mounted Division

eMail -







Former Sergeant - Jackson County Sheriff Department, Mounted Division

eMail -

Tel - (517)-795-9332



SGT. ERIK EIDE - Guest Instructor

  • Detroit Police Department, Mounted Unit


MIKE YANZ - Liaison to Remount Programs/Assistant

  • Ingham County Sheriff Department, Mounted Division


RET. INSPECTOR PAT MUSCAT - Consultant/Guest Instructor

  • Detroit Police Department, Mounted Unit




"The advanced training academy exceeded my expectations in terms of training, quality, service, and learning environment...  I strongly recommend your academy to other mounted officers." 

G. Baxter

Clinton Co. Mntd. - MI


"...I was very pleased.  I hope to attend more..."

K. Gradeless

St. Joseph Co. Mntd. - IN


"The class was great.  The horse was able to learn & get used to the items instead of it being crammed down all at one time.  It made myself work better with the horse and to ride better...  Thanks for everything." 

J. Patterson

Hamilton PD - IN


"...Thank you for another good experience."

N. Susic

Berrien Co. Mntd. - MI


"Your clinic was fantastic.  I had a great time...  Thank you for everything!!!  I learned a ton..."

L. Roscizewski

Franklin PD - WI


"The training was very good and the set-up was good..."

D. Schineman

Clinton Co. Mntd. - MI


"I would do it again and again and again!  There is no reason to not be safe and having your horse trust you is a large part of that.  I thought my horse and I already had a connection and a level of trust.  I saw what it took to push him and push him again.  We both did great!  Thanks for your expertise and enthusiasm.  Sign us up in advance for the next clinic here in Wisconsin; we'll be there!"

K. Reich

Waukesha, WI


" well spent.  Previously we had a lot of bulking at trail obstacles...  The week long training at their facility was perfect for us because we saw a big change in a short time...  I really appreciated the way Rick and Suzanne handled our horses during training.  They took great care of them and were very affectionate with our horses and very sensitive to their needs.  I felt very comfortable leaving my horses with them.  Rick & Suzanne are nice people and great trainers.  I would recommend their clinics to anyone who is having trouble getting their horses to maneuver obstacles..."

L. Brzezinski

Ann Arbor, MI


"We were honored to have the MMA do a weekend clinic at our farm in WI.  The obstacle course and desensitizing class were more than I though they would be.  It was amazing to see how relaxed the horses got after a while.  Through Rick & Suzanne's guidance, the clinic was a success.  We will be inviting you back real soon.  Keep up the great work." 

Butch & Linda Haita

HaitaWay Acres

Muskego, WI




  • CROWD CONTROL - Beginner through Advanced
  • SEARCH & RESCUE - Beginner through Advanced


Schools / Academies:

  • London Metropolitan Police - Inspector Alan Bingle (Detroit, MI)
  • Great Lakes Mounted Law Enforcement Academy (MSU - Lansing, MI)
  • Schoolcraft College Police Firearms Academy (Livonia, MI)
  • Detroit Mounted Police - Ret. Inspector Pat Muscat (Detroit, MI)
  • Great Lakes Mounted Law Enforcement Instructors Academy - Roger Grant, Louisiana Mounted Associates, LLC (MSU - Lansing, MI)
  • National Mounted Police Colloquium (Kentucky Horse Park, KY)



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