Training You & Your Mount

NOTE:   Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.  We require a ASTM / SEI certified helmet for your protection.  

               In addition, a negative Coggins test is also required.   


               No cameras or video equipment allowed without prior written consent.



Get your requests in early to reserve a specific date and location. 








Both the Current Events listing and Application/Waiver may be downloaded by clicking on the links located at the bottom of this page or may be obtained by requesting them to be mailed to you through our "Contact Us" page. 


The schedule is tentative and subject to change, based on class participation and weather permitting.  Promotional discounts offered may not be used in conjunction with each other. 


All applications must be received no later than 10 days prior to the desired event, accompanied with the tuition remittance and waiver.  If applying for a late-enrollment, please call ahead to ensure availability and expedite the necessary paperwork and fees. 


Clinics will be held, rain or shine, excluding lightning.  Please dress accordingly and be prepared for inclement weather.  Academies start at 7:00 am, Clinics at 9:00 am, unless specified otherwise. 


In the event that a clinic is cancelled or you are unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances, MMA will retain your tuition fee as a credit toward another clinic.  If you are unable to participate, prior communications must be made or the tuition will be forfeited. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 




Review the current schedule to see if we will already be in your area and to check for open dates.  Then, please contact us with a few dates for us to choose from, along with the desired types of courses to be taught, and we will make every effort to oblige your request. 


The only requirement is an arena, which could be a fenced-in outdoor paddock.  The preferred arena size is 80' x 100'.  You may want to offer stall accommodations if the clinic is lasting more than one day to which you may pass the charge on to each participant. 


We will provide the flyer layout for distribution, along with posters and a suggested press release for the local and statewide papers to assist you in generating as much publicity as possible.  In addition, we will list your facility on our website with your provided logo at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  This equates to FREE ADVERTISING FOR YOUR FARM / FACILITY. 


Each clinic's price is determined based on the following factors:  location, course curriculum, number of participants and any facility rental charges (if applicable). 


So, if you or your friends have access to an arena and would be interested in hosting a clinic, please call us immediately to reserve your desired dates. 




From classroom to the arena, Michigan Mounted Associates can and will tailor any and all classes to your personal needs - whether we help stress train your mounts for a certain event, set up a search and rescue operation, or simply help out with any problem areas that you may be encountering including, but not limited to horsemanship, centered riding and mounted police tactics.  Whatever the scenario, we can assemble the right team to help assist you and your mount. 


Officers and civilians alike will be given quality instruction and training from well-seasoned mounted instructors and/or departmental certified (MCOLES) instructors.  Keeping in mind that our hand-picked instructors have extensive knowledge in law enforcement, combined with many years of experience, we feel that we can assemble the right match to your needs and exceed your expectations. 


The course selections have been broken down and areas to be covered are highlighted.  We will adjust our method of training to accommodate your needs, including combining courses. 


Creating & Implementing a Mounted Unit

Whether you are SAR, Police or a civilian group looking for something to do, we can assist you in this process.  This course is primarily for the command officer or civilian interested in starting a new unit or tweaking the one they already have. 


MMA has compiled all the information, from numerous years of experience and agencies nationwide, and is also presenting it in an easy-to-follow guidebook.  Why spend countless hours reinventing the wheel, especially when you can have all the necessary information available at your fingertips? 


So, bring your questions and any concerns on creating, implementing, or revamping your mounted unit.  Be prepared for an in-depth discussion and mind-bending session on how to achieve your goals. 



  • Selecting officers
  • Selecting horses
  • Rules, regulations & by-laws
  • Command staff
  • Being a complete self-contained unit
  • Financing your unit
  • Determine function of the unit
  • Working with your Department & their policies
  • "Polishing" a mounted unit



Desensitization & Obstacles

Before going through any of our Desensitization & Obstacle classes, also known as "BOMBPROOFING", you should first stop and evaluate both you and your horse's strengths and weaknesses, being completely honest with yourself.  Then, CHALLENGE YOURSELF! 


This course is offered at the beginner through the advanced levels, or any combination thereof.  The sensory training will consist of both audio and visual stimuli.  We will be working with smoke, flares, sirens and anything else that might cause panic - if even for a moment. 

Our goal is to ensure you feel more confident in both of your abilities.  This bond instills the confidence needed to overcome almost any adversity thrown your way. 







  • Banners / Flags / Balloons / Tarps
  • Teeter-Totter / Bridges / Ramps / Jumps
  • Flares / Smoke / Sirens / Gunfire
  • Jugs of Noise / Stroller / Umbrellas
  • "Solid Wall" / "Large Snake" / Small Alleyway




Search & Rescue

This SAR class is devoted to the mounted people involved in Search & Rescue and to those who are interested in SAR.  MMA's S&R course is made up from time in the field and sources such as NASAR and MSAR. 


This class will guide you step-by-step through the various SAR practices accepted nationwide. 



  • Introduction to mounted Search & Rescue
  • SAR management system - orientation to the incident command system
  • SAR resources
  • Search philosophy
  • Search tactics
  • Search operations
  • Communications
  • Predicting lost person's behavior
  • Mock scenarios - in field training




Basic Training Academy

This course has been designed for the new mounted officer.  Topics range from grooming the police horse, proper conduct, going on patrol, to preparing your new mounted officer and their horse to meet the public. 






Our goal, through proper training and practice, is to assist your unit with exceeding everyone's expectations; not just meeting them. 






  • Stable safety & management
  • Grooming the police horse

  • Accident prevention & safety
  • About the mounted police officer
  • Tacking-up & Trail safety
  • Riding instruction for the mounted officer
  • Drill formations - Are you parade ready?
  • Defensive riding
  • Street conduct - on patrol
  • Desensitization & Obstacles



Intermediate Training Academy

If you have event policing in mind, then this is the perfect course for you.  Whether working with other units within your department or other mounted units, everyone needs to be on the same page. 




Preparation is a key element for all.  Are you ready for a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, possibly requiring an extended tour of duty?  Let's find out...





  • Mounted police techniques - on patrol
  • Drill & parade formations
  • Mounted police equipment - special tack
  • Defensive riding techniques & Trail safety
  • Vices & reactions for the mounted officer
  • Desensitization & Obstacles
  • Welfare - Officers and mounts
  • Crowd control scenarios
  • Mounted police movement - night patrol
  • Event policing - working with other departments




Advanced Training Academy

As a prerequisite to participating in this this class, you will need to have already successfully completed our intermediate class or provide certification of an equivalent course from another mounted police training school.  You will also need to have a "deep seat and far-away-look" or bring some Velcro - your choice. 

This class will consist of long hours & rigorous work - both mentally and physically, split between day and night sessions. 


  • Mounted police techniques
  • Interviewing while mounted
  • Approaching suspects and proper positioning
  • Defensive tactics & disengagement techniques
  • Hand cuffing & proper police escorting
  • Civil disorder & crowd control training
  • Crowd control scenarios - day & night
  • Desensitization & Obstacles - both day & night
  • Mounted police movement at night, keeping safety in mind









09/15                   Desensitization & Obstacles, 4 pm.                                                                               Jackson, MI                            $   75.00

Hosted by:  Spring Valley Farm


09/16                   Desensitization & Obstacles, 10 am.                                                                             Jackson, MI                            $  75.00

Hosted by:  Spring Valley Farm


09/29                   Advanced Desensitization & Obstacles, 10 am.                                                      Jackson, MI                            $100.00

Hosted by:  Spring Valley Farm




10/13                    Desensitization & Obstacles, 10 am.                                                                             Jackson, MI                            $   75.00

Hosted by:  Spring Valley Farm


10/13                    Trail Safety & Defensive Riding, 4 pm.                                                                          Jackson, MI                            $  50.00

Hosted by:  Spring Valley Farm


10/20                   Desensitization & Obstacles, 10 am.                                                                             Eaton Rapids, MI                  $ 85.00

Click here for details!

Hosted by:  Nature's Rehab - (517) 881-0262


10/27                    Trail Safety & Defensive Riding, 10 am.                                                                        Jackson, MI                            $ 50.00

Hosted by:  Spring Valley Farm


10/27                     Advanced Desensitization & Obstacles, 4 pm.                                                        Jackson, MI                            $125.00

Hosted by:  Spring Valley Farm




11/03                    Desensitization & Obstacles, 10 am.                                                                              Ann Arbor, MI                         $  75.00

Click here for details!

Hosted by:  Copper Leaf Farm - (734) 913-4939


11/10                     Trail Safety & Defensive Riding, 11 am.                                                                         Laingsburg, MI                      $ 55.00

Click here for details!

Hosted by:  Red Creek Stables - (517) 641-7251


11/17                      Trail Safety & Defensive Riding, 10 am.                                                                        Eaton Rapids, MI                  $ 55.00

Click here for details!

Hosted by:  Nature's Rehab - (517) 881-0262




12/01                       Advanced Desensitization & Obstacles, 10 am.                                                     Eaton Rapids, MI                 $110.00

Click here for details!

Hosted by:  Nature's Rehab - (517) 881-0262


12/17 - 18               NEW!!!  RIDING SAFELY SEMINAR, MSU Pavilion                                                   Lansing, MI                          $280.00

Call us for details - Course Offerings, Guest Speakers, Micro-Chipping Registration








Schedule a Clinic Brought To You,

While Were In Your Area, at Reduced Fees!



Note:     The above schedule is tentative and subject to change, based on class participation and weather permitting.  If you or your friends have access to an indoor arena and would be interested in hosting a clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us for details.  Call us to reserve your desired date(s) and location - any day/time.  We'd love to bring a clinic to you!






For more information or to schedule a clinic, please call (517)-795-9332. 



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