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Are You and Your Mount Prepared?


In an ever evolving society, one should be prepared for just about anything.  We cannot afford to not be the best at our jobs.  Through training and discipline, we strive to help you achieve the knowledge & skills needed to do just that.  We offer a variety of classes tailored to suit your needs, as well as your mount's. 


From basic equitation through advanced stress training, the curriculum offered is sure to assist you and your valued partner accomplish your goals.  Our goal is to ensure you feel more confident in both of your abilities. 


Be it rigid stress training, mock scenarios, or simply a competitive trail ride, we are sure to promote a bond between horse & rider.  This bond instills the confidence needed to overcome almost any adversity thrown your way.  During these sessions, we will be desensitizing your mount, both visual and audio.  We will be working with smoke bombs, flares, patrol cars, and anything else that might cause panic - if even for a moment. 


Not only will we be working on the mental state of the horses, we will also be incorporating classroom time to go over possible horrific situations to help you better improve your skill of making quick judgmental decisions and following them through.  Eventually, one should be able to go into any situation, know exactly how to address it, not have a spoken work, and just act - doing whatever is necessary to resolve the problem or overcome the obstacle at hand. 




Mounted Units...

These challenges will not only improve the level of skill between horse & rider, they also form a more well-rounded unit.  Teamwork is an essential key.  You are only as strong as your weakest mount. 


Confidence between horse & rider builds upon the confidence of the unit.  None of us want to be placed in a position that makes us feel ill prepared; neither do our mounts.  There is always a sense of security in numbers.  This is heightened more with confident officers & mounts functioning as one. 


PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING!!!  We can't begin to stress this enough.  The way in which the general public perceives you is the "word that gets around".  Your reputation is what gets you your assignments and allows you to participate in all the community events that you do.  We all love the people coming up to us to merely say, "thanks".  Now, let's exceed their expectations, not just meet them. 






Is your pleasure ride not quite what you were hoping for—sudden sidestepping to avoid a scary object, complete refusal to move forward, jumping the “white-water-rapids” of a stream or rearing and bolting in the direction from which you came?  Is your show horse excellent during training, but on edge entering & performing in front of a large, clapping, cheering crowd?  Or, are you planning on selling your horse in the future?  THEN COME JOIN US!!!


We strive to condition your mount to extreme challenges, assisting you in moving them along toward being more confident, willing and compliant with most types of “hazards”.  Upon completion of a course, you will not only be rewarded with a calmer, “trusty steed”, but also with a “Certificate of Completion” for yourself.  Or, if your intention is to sell your horse, you may also add their name to your Certificate as an excellent marketing tool. 


CHALLENGE YOURSELF with the same types of courses your local mounted law enforcement agencies have to endure and pass.  It's such a rewarding feeling when you see the advancements your trusty steed has accomplished. 




 MMA is excited to announce that several new classes have been added to the course offerings.  Some of the highly anticipated classes are:

  • Drill & Parade Formations
  • Equine Theft Prevention & Recovery, plus Disaster Preparedness (Coming Soon)
  • Large Animal Rescue (Coming Soon)
  • Search & Rescue
  • Trail Safety & Defensive Riding


We have also combined & expended upon our Desensitization & Obstacles clinics to ensure that they are packed full of challenging scenarios for a fun-filled adventure - day or night


The Academies, once reserved only for the mounted law enforcement, are now being opened up to the public sector.  So, if you have been contemplating a career in the mounted law enforcement community or just curious if you could stand up to the types of adversity they are subjected to, here is the opportunity to test your skills. 


To compliment our clinics, we have extended our services to include specialized training at our location to better prepare your mount to various scenarios and conditions.  You specify the problem areas to be addressed and we will strive to conquer them.  We offer one-week and two-week sessions; and can accommodate for longer durations. 


For those of you whose busy schedule doesn't permit you to attend a clinic, who feel it would be more beneficial for us to provide the targeted training or who merely feel uncomfortable challenging your horse yourself, here's your chance. 



If a particular area of interest is not listed, please don't hesitate to contact us & inquire.  Remember, our classes are created for those exhibiting a high level of interest in learning & improving their performance. 







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